Maca Powder Benefits for Men & Women Include Increased Libido!

Although it can be a little tricky to accurately measure sexual vitality, there are some studies which show that low sex drive can affect between 36 -50% of women. And there is also sufficient evidence that Maca can help with turning this around! (9) 

Maca root is considered the new sex superfood! That’s the reason why it is growing more and more in popularity in recent times and with good reason too!

Many studies have been conducted in the past that show the benefits of Maca on sexual vitality for both men and women.

A study in 2002 which shows the maca powder benefits for men with sexual desire. It entailed 57 male subjects split into three groups. First group was given 3g of Maca, the second 1.5g and the third a placebo. They consumed the supplements over a 12 week period. The results showed that the groups that consumed Maca showed a higher sexual desire than the one that took placebo. (8) (E. De Caluwe, K. Halamova and P. Van Damme (2010). Adansonia digitata L. - A review of traditional uses, phytochemistry and pharmacology. Afrika Fous, 23(1), 11-51.) 

In another study in 2008, which shows maca root benefits for women. 14 women conducted a randomized, double blind, placebo controlled and crossover trial for duration of 12 weeks. The results showed the group that consumed Maca (3.5g daily) experienced reduced sexual dysfunction than the placebo group. (7) 

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