The Power of Herb: Maca Powder Fertility Benefits

Fertility is a sensitive and personal topic which effects many couples. Having a baby is considered one of the greatest gifts that people can experience, but for some fertility issues can lead to serious stress and struggles.

Infertility, understandably is a topic that many people feel uncomfortable and struggle to talk about. For some finding the right treatment can be a minefield. However, taking the first step can play a huge part in finding a cure for many.

Some decide to deal with this issue relying strictly on modern day medications while others seek out a traditional medicinal approach. You can even combine the two methods, however, prior consultation from an expert is essential.

Generally, people with fertility problems are advised to consume a wholesome diet, exercise regularly and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. But even after adopting a healthy lifestyle some still struggle with fertility related problems.

In such cases Maca can be the herb that you need. A traditional medicinal plant which is popular for its fertility power. Maca root fertility claims are made all around the world time and time again.

Read below to find the benefits such as maca root for men’s fertility and all the health benefits it can offer you.

What exactly is Maca?

Lepedium meyenii or commonly known as Maca is no less than a wonder herb. It belongs to the Brassicaceae family of flowering plants. Found in the native South American region of Peru, maca fertility benefits are quite popular.

The herb is divided into different categories depending on the colour of its root - pink, black, yellow or red. It has quite a resemblance with that of a turnip. It is usually available in the form of dried powder for supplement products.

There are several people around the world that take these supplements with smoothies, shakes or in other beverages. Maca powder fertility is the top most benefit offered by this age-old herb.

History of Maca

This powerful herb has a long history even time before the Incas cultivated it on the native lands of Peru. In fact, the use of Maca root dates back to almost around 3800 B.C. when the native Indians of Peru cultivated and consumed it for medicinal and nutritional benefits.

Taken fresh or dried, the Maca roots was considered to be an organic type of aphrodisiac. Now because of the presence of valuable and active ingredients in it, the cultivation of Maca made a remarkable contribution in the inadequate diet of early Inca culture.

Over time this herb became so much popular and prized that it was used for barter. In later years, 1843 to be precise, scientists began to study this incredible plant and came up with the scientific name Lepidium meyenii.

Must-Know facts about Maca Roots

Now Maca is known as a herb that help millions with infertility. Especially the maca root fertility is a prime benefit obtained from it. However, there’s so much more to know about this medicinal plant. Let’s take a look at some of the must-know facts about this wonder herb.

  • Though the root itself does not contain any hormones, it acts as an endocrine adaptogen, as it contains the nutrients required to support healthy and natural hormone production.
  • Maca is one of the top export items of Peru and thus, plays an important role in Peru’s economy.
  • Maca roots are grown on the mountains of Peru. It is cultivated at an altitude of 7000 ft to 11000 ft, hence, making them the highest altitude grown plant around the world.
  • Maca has 60 different phytonutrients and 31 different minerals and also contains glucosinolates, which is the compound that affects fertility in men and women. It also contains vitamins such as B1, B12, C & E. No wonder why native Indians of Peru were obsessed with this miracle herb.
  • Maca has been used as a substitute for anabolic steroids. In fact, it is proved to be a great alternative for athletes seeking muscle gain.
  • Black or deep colored Maca powder is recommended for boosting immunity and digestive system of the body.
  • Maca must be consumed in a standard measure of 1500 to 3000 mg.
  • Traditionally, this herb was considered to be a food item instead of a dietary supplement.
  • The pure maca root has a caramel-like flavor that makes them all the more desirable and edible.

Benefits of Maca

Now assuming from the fact above it is quite obvious that Maca has several benefits. There are many researches and studies conducted over the period that claims some extraordinary benefits among both men and women.

While maca fertility benefits is the most well-known advantage, there are tons of other benefits as well that this amazing herb offers. Let’s take a look at the significant benefits which you can get out of a maca root or root extracts.

Maca root benefits for Men

Long before the scientific study on this herb, maca was consumed by people as an edible food item. Later on, people came to know about its amazing advantages and then onwards it’s a highly appreciated plant.

It has shown great signs of positive impact on both men and women. Let us first discuss the benefits of maca root on men.

  • Increasing fertility and testosterone levels

Ever since the ancient period, the locals of high Andes region of Peru ate the roots of Maca to enhance fertility and sexual health. Today as well, the consumption of maca root for men’s fertility is a popular practice.

As per the study found in the Journal ‘Andrologia’ of 2002, over the period of three months about 40% of men reported signs of increased virility after consumption of maca supplements. The boost in manhood was considerably noticed in the 8th to 12th week of the three months timeline.

However, the other group of men who were provided with placebo did not relatively show any such signs. It is believed that the daily intake of maca has a registered impact on sperm formation, output and mobility among men.

Among the various other types of Maca, the Black colored maca is regarded as the most effective when it comes to increasing fertility and testosterone levels. Also, for maximum maca root fertility benefits it is highly recommended to go for organic and pure Peru cultivated maca.

  • Maintains prostate health

The most common old-age issue that several men suffer through is prostatic hyperplasia. A condition where enlargement of prostrate gland occurs abnormally.

Prostrate is a gland that surrounds the neck region of men’s bladder that is responsible for the release of fluid named semen. In men, this gland grows in size as they age, however, an abnormal growth in it’s size may be the sign of this disease - prostatic hyperlasia.

But in numerous studies it has been found that if the apt dosages of maca root extracts is consumed daily then it can help in curing this condition. It is popularly believed that this incredible herb acts effectively on the androgen receptors of the prostate gland.

This action prevents the twisting up of hormones which is the prime cause of prostate enlargement. So if you have been struggling with this condition then you must try out this maca root fertility cure.

  • Boosts overall energy

Maca has a wide range of medicinal benefits when taken in an exact right amount on a daily basis. It is regarded as a great energy booster, hence, providing the male category a significant physical advantage.

The most recognized reason behind this advantage may be that maca helps in bringing stability in the blood sugar levels of the body. The blood sugar levels of our body also significantly determines the energy levels.

Also, maca makes an advanced effect in improving the adrenal health of our body. Therefore, this helps impact further helps in accelerating the energy, mood and stamina in men.

Men in sports who wants to improve their stamina and maximize their energy in natural way must try out taking daily doses of maca extracts. Maca fetility benefits aren’t the only advantage that this herb has in its store to offer.

  • Helps in muscle building

Another potential benefit that is claimed by many about the maca herb is the ability to improve muscle building. It has been claimed in several conducted research that maca possesses the properties of bio-active proteins. This essential property significantly helps in promoting muscle growth naturally.

In fact, maca roots have as much as 18% of proteins that makes a great contribution in accelerating muscle growth. Therefore, if you are looking ways to increase muscle growth in a pure and natural approach then you can substitute your protein supplements with maca supplement products.

However, don’t forget to take an expert professional’s consultation before making this alternative choice for your muscle building.

Maca root benefits for women

Now we are all well aware of maca root for men’s fertility and many other advantages for men. However, there are tons of essential properties in this herb that also proves to be beneficial for women as well.

You can improve your quality of life once you start taking this miracle herb in your daily diet. Let’s take a look at some of the crucial advantages offered by the maca root.

  • Normalizes symptoms of menopause

Apart from maca fertility benefits, this incredible herb has a lot in its platter to offer. This plant root is also known widely for its hormonal balancing properties.

As per several researches, it has been stated that the maca roots are enriched with phytochemical content which is a significant reason why this herb is known for bringing hormonal stability.

Researchers have claimed that the daily intake of maca root supplements can do wonders for normalizing the very common symptoms of menopause. Some of the most general symptoms seen in menopause are - disrupting sleep patterns, hot flashes, depression and night sweats.

Hence, if you are someone who is going through the cycle of menopause and experiencing these erratic symptoms, maca root supplements might be the cure for you.

  • Nourishes bone density

In majority of women, maintaining the proper bone density seem to be a primary concern as they age. Especially, women who are going through menopause show increased signs of deteriorating bone density.

However, maca proves to be an excellent herb that combats almost all the symptoms of menopause. This even includes the nourishment of bone density. Hence, maintaining density of bones in women is highly effective if regular doses of maca extracts are taken.

You can get benefited more than just maca powder fertility once you start using this powerful herb in your lifestyle.

  • Enhances sexual function

Maca can be considered to be an all around category of plant that does more than just improving men’s fertility. This herb proves to be an excellent organic way of enhancing sexual functioning in women.

Yes, there are plenty of conventional medicines available that does the job of increasing sexual desires and boosts satisfaction among women. However, they are not free from the side effects.

On the other hand, with maca powder fertility and other benefits like in this scenario improvement of sexual function in women is confirmed. That too without any side effects.

The Bottom Line

Maca is a herb that has been used generations after generations. From the early of ages of almost 3800 B.C. to today’s modern era. It has been providing the human race one of the most precious benefit of all time - fertility.

Whether it is maca root for men's fertility or for women, this herb is an incredible healer for the population around the world. It is always recommended to use an organic blend of all maca root types to get all the benefits of the herb, which is why people love our Plant Burst Premium Blend Maca powder.

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