About Us

Our Story

Hi and welcome!

I am Bhavin, co-founder of Plant Burst - a superfoods brand devoted to making plant-based foods from a few thoughtfully chosen and carefully sourced ingredients meant to nourish, energize and revitalize your body!

We are a family run business with the goal of providing the best of health to the best of people!

Though founded in 2018, our story dates back to 2016...

Growing up, I always considered myself a health conscious person. I believed I was eating a well balanced diet but for some unknown reason, the feeling of perpetual tiredness never left me. My energy levels were never 'up there' and I felt sluggish most of the time.

In 2016, I finally decided to delve deeper into my problem and did some research. I came across several studies that highlighted the importance of plant-based diets and how beneficial they are to human beings.

This is when I decided to go 100% plant-based. To my surprise and delight, I was bouncing with energy within a few weeks!

Honestly, I had never felt so alive!

This marked the beginning of my passion for health and well-being.

And this motivated me to develop a plant-based superfoods brand that could be key to good health and boundless energy for all those people who feel over-stressed and fatigued.

Our Motto

At Plant Burst, our aim is to make you feel good!

We are an up-coming plant-based superfoods brand that offers the best quality products loaded with essential nutrients that your body requires.

Our superfoods keep you energized through the day and guarantee a good night's sleep too!

Since we have a limited product range, it leaves us with more than adequate time to ensure we are providing foods of the highest quality.

What makes our superfoods so great?

  1. We value excellence in quality immensely! That is why all our products are 100% Soil Association Organic.
  2. Plant Burst products are grown in the cleanest environments , just as Mother Nature intended!
  3. All our products are free of additives and fillers.
  4. We guarantee 100% vegan and gluten free products.

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