At Plant Burst, we believe in giving back!

That is why 1 USD of every order that you place with us goes to Pencils of Promise – a truly inspirational charity devoted to the cause of providing quality education to children across the globe.

A global non-profit, Pencils of Promise (PoP) was founded in October 2008. Since then, the organization has built over 400 schools spanning various countries with the motto of ensuring greater educational opportunities for all.

Along with building schools, the charity is also committed to providing adequate resources to teachers to ensure the students are learning effectively.

In collaboration with local governments and communities, PoP provides students the access to safe primary schools, implements proven programs, invests in teacher quality and assesses student progress in high-need areas.

PoP’s WASH program aims to provide proper sanitation, hygiene and clean water to every student. It is already serving rural communities in Ghana, Guatemala and Laos with multiple programs that aim to change behaviour around education practices.

For more information on Pencils of Promise, or to make a direct donation, please click the link below: